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Vindio Corro Lastra

About me

I am Vindio Corro Lastra, MSc. Construction Engineer with an MBA.

2 years as a Project Management Director and PMO Manager, 8 years of experience as a Project & Construction Manager, and 3 as a consultant in: engineering, building, architecture & ephemeral architecture, construction, production, design and unique projects.

Specialized in Project Management. I managed projects in Spain, France, Italy, UK and Germany with budgets from € 100K to € 17M.

Change manager, I managed the process optimization, KPI's & digital management tools implementation, and change management in 3 companies.

I managed the digital management tool implementation in GECOM and AMARIS.

I am used to international environment. I led and trained I led more than 20 technicians and monitored 50 projects in 7 countries on 3 continents.

I budgeted and carried out sales tasks for 7 years, with a turnover of € 800k in 3 years.

I speak Spanish and English (professionally) and German (informally).



His self-demand has led him on the path of improvement and gradual improvement. Vindio has always shown courage in facing problems and assuming responsibilities at work; his self-demand has led him on the path of improvement and gradual improvement. Vindio has always shown bravery when facing problems and assuming responsibilities at work.

Álvaro Rey – Vicepresident IDOM

From Vindio, I emphasized his capacity for effort and tenacity at work until he achieved the stated objectives. Also, his ability to order processes and functions to his colleagues. Likewise, their leadership capacity as well as camaraderie when facing the work.

Juan Roberto Vasquez – CEO Indissoluble

Vindio is a person with an excellent capacity for problem-solving and an excellent relationship with clients and suppliers, always exceeding the objectives.

Gerard Roca –Production Manager GECOM

Vindio is a professional with a proactive and perfectionist attitude. His interdisciplinary training provides very interesting methodologies and workflows in all areas

Diego Urruchi – CEO MediaAtack

Your interest in the work means that you incorporate proposals in any of the disciplines necessary for its development, resulting in an interdisciplinary contribution that allows you to improve the result in different facets

Patxi Sánchez – Director Ingeniería ACXT


Project Management


Experiencia como Project Management Officer con responsabilidades directas en control y apoyo de proyectos, metología, formación, y opimización de procesos del ciclo de vida del proyecto.

Director de Project Management

Organización y coordincación de proyectos. Gestión de recursos y equipos de proyectos. Ejecución de acciones de urgencia en Risky Projects y Critical Projects.

Senior Project Manager

More than 10 years of experience managing projects successfully in areas such as architecture, engineering, ephemeral architecture, installations and assemblies and special projects. Companies like IDOM, GECOM, AMARIS AND INDISSOLUBLE have trusted me.

Project Management Training

A series of pieces of training to train your team in all disciplines related to project management. Including the necessary tools for the correct development.


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